D-3 before the kick-off of the third edition of the Martinique Surf Pro … Starting Saturday, April 1st, more than 120 surfers will challenge each other on the beautiful right-handers of the spot of Basse-Pointe. 120 surfers who all dream of winning and succeeding the 2016 winner, the Portuguese Frederico Morais.

The competition will get off to a strong start this Saturday, April 1st at 9am. The struggle will be particularly fierce from the start.

Among the most represented nationalities this year are 17 Brazilians, 15 Americans, 10 Australians, 6 Japanese and 6 Barbadians. The French contingent is important too, with 27 representatives, including 7 from Martinique, 5 from Guadeloupe and 2 from Réunion.

With top level sportsmen and perfect weather conditions, this 3rd edition of the Martinique Surf Pro promises indeed to be exceptional!


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