The series came one after another on the spot of Basse-Pointe this Thursday. The 3rd and 4th male rounds were launched with a rare intensity. Twists, suspense, there was a lot of breakage!


Headliners and young talents clashed on the Basse pointe wave. Big names have dominated their series like the American Nat Young, a real surfing star (four consecutive seasons on the Championship Tour, the elite of world surfing!): “I had to be very selective because it was difficult to take the good waves.”

Or the new sensation of surfing, the young Italian Leonardo Fioravanti, member of the Championship Tour and exceptionally present on Martinique Surf Pro.

Another ex of the CT, the Brazilian Jadson Andre continues in Round 5. “I had good waves. I was looking for the maneuvers that yield the most points. This is the first time I come to Martinique and I love it! The people, the place, the good vibrations, the welcome, it’s incredible! Whatever the outcome of the competition, I will leave with a very good feeling,” he praises.

Arriba Perú! The only survivor of the Peruvian team, Miguel Tudela will represent the red and white banner in the 5th round.


The law of the competitions is hard, as some favorites have fallen this Thursday. Among them, three former players of the Championship Tour: New Zealander Ricardo Christie, winner of the 2017 MSP, the Australian Davey Cathels, the Brazilian Alejo Muniz and the Spanish Aritz Arunburu. The Brazilians Victor Bernardo and Lucas Silveira, the Costa Rican Noe Mar McGonagle, the Japanese Hiroto Ohhara … the list is long.


The French: beautiful courses and many losses

The European Champion 2017, Jorgann Couzinet wins all his series with the same strategy: to find the right wave. “I really wanted to play on patience and there were very good competitors. I knew other surfers were going to stress and rush on any wave. I positioned myself well. In the third lap, I only had two waves: the first 10 minutes from the end and the second on the last two minutes! It was very tense but as it paid, I continued,” says the Reunion islander.

Without a fail for Tristan Guilbaud. As he Entered the first round of the competition, the French from the Vendée has successfully passed all his heats and emerged as the winner of his series on Thursday, joining round 5: “I participated in all Martinique Surf Pro and it’s the first time I’m going so far,” he says. “The series are not easy because there is a real level, it becomes very solid, I came across super strong guys! I tried to be selective in my choice of waves and that paid off. I have a good board, a good flow, everything is fine.” This also goes for the Tahitian Mihimana Braye.

Disappointment for the Guadeloupean Charly Martin and Tim Bisso who fail in the fourth round. End of the game also for Nelson Cloarec, Maxime Huscenot, the Mignot brothers, Marc Lacomare, for Dimitri Ouvré from Saint Barthelemy, Adrien Toyon from the Reunion island. Likewise for the Martinicans Alexandre Viguier and Arthur Lassée.


Next meeting

“Call” Friday at 7:30am.

The 5th men’s round and the 3rd women’s round should

to be launched. These are the last laps before the quarterfinals