Beautiful surf, beautiful scores and inevitable disappointments for this day dedicated to the second round of the women’s competition.


This 5th day of Martinique Surf Pro reminded us that surfing is also about strategy! This Wednesday it was indeed necessary to choose the right waves to play your cards right in very tight heats, as confided the Portuguese Teresa Bonvalot, European Junior Champion 2016 and 2017: “There are some good waves so you have to be patient then choose the right ones. I managed to take one of the biggest ones of my heat!” She gets one of the best scores of the day, like the American Rachel Presti, the Australian Sophie McCulloch. Or the Barbadian Chelsea Tuach, the only Caribbean surfer going into the quarter-finals, who manages to score a 15.50 (out of twenty): “In my heat, there were big names, very good surfers so I knew I couldn’t give nothing away and give the maximum until the end!”


More than a Frenchwoman!

There was breakage on the French side on Wednesday. Neis Lartigue from Biarritz, the Martinican Emma Leconte and Maud Le Car from Saint Martin to qualify for the quarter-finals and leave the competition. “It’s a problem of choice of waves. All the ones I had had less potential. The wave I was waiting for is the one that I reached after the final countdown!”, Summarizes Maud Le Car.

Only Pauline Ado, former boarder of the Championship Tour (the world’s surf elite), resists and goes into the quarter-finals: “I’m not very happy with my series, I made many small mistakes and I hope to do better for the others,” she tempers.


The reign of “Aussies”

The Australians ruled the women’s second round. Isabella Nichols, Claire Bevilacqua, Sophie McCulloch, Mikaela Greene, Philippa Anderson and Holly Wawn are all in the quarter-finals!

Good harvest also for Hawaii since three out of four athletes manage to pass their heat including one of the young talents of women’s surf, Brisa Hennessy, who manages to qualify in the very last seconds! “I just did not want to stop believing it. The ocean is unpredictable, you must never give up!” She said.


Next meeting

Thursday, March 22nd, “call” at 7am for men and 12pm for women.

The third men’s round should start at 7:30am, and the women’s quarter-finals in the afternoon.