The competition being in “off” on Monday, the show took place during the “air show” and “expression session” competitions. And they are two world-class surfers who won the events, Claire Bevilacqua and Jadson Andre.


Good conditions this Monday on the spot of Basse-Pointe for this 3rd day of Martinique Surf Pro. The director of competition, Jason Apparicio, in consultation with the World Surf League and the organizers, nevertheless decided to put the events of the MSP in “pause”. Indeed, even better conditions are planned for the following days: “We expect a bigger swell and therefore more beautiful waves. I also talked with the athletes who prefer to wait,” said the former pro surfer. For the challenge, for the beauty of the show, for the pleasure of the athletes … and the public!

The organizers have therefore launched two competitions: a female “expression session” and a male “air show”. The objective of these tests is to place the most radical maneuvers in the most critical places of the wave, and without falling. The key, a prize money (gain) of 150 dollars for each of the winners.


Expression session won by an Australian woman

Bottom turn, carve, roller, cut back … under the applause of an enthusiastic public (including the teenagers of the middle school Lagrosillière of Sainte-Marie), the “girls” offered their best surf and it was not easy to decide who to choose as the winner. The final match was against Maud le Car from Saint Martin, the Australian Claire Bevilacqua, Pacha Luque-Light, Philippa Anderson, Sophie McCulloch and the Hawaiian Zoe McDougall. A time dominated by the French, the final was won by Claire Bevilacqua, former boarder of the Championship Tour, the elite surf world. “It was not easy because all the girls were strong! The expression session is my favorite type of surf because we can do what we want, it’s really a space of free expression.”


Tudo bem for Jadson Andre

Power, radicality, impressive aerial maneuvers, the “air show” contest has also kept all its promises! And it was the Brazilian Jadson Andre, also a former member of the Championship Tour, who dominated the event and won the prize. “In fact, I was not aware of this contest, I was at home. It’s my compatriot Luel Felipe who registered me. He arrived, he told me: There is an air show, I put your name, you win, and with the 150 dollars, you offer us a barbecue!”

A promise made is a promise kept.


Next meeting

Tuesday, March 20th, “call” at 7:30am.

Air shows at 11am (subject to competition)