Good conditions, good scores, action, suspense and an awesome crowd on the spot of Basse-Pointe this Sunday for the second day of Martinique Surf Pro! The last series of the women’s first round and the second men’s round have been launched. The athletes offered a high-class show to a conquered audience.


Sunday morning, the end of the first women’s round has kept its promises with the qualification of Maud le Car from Saint Martin and the American Ella Williams. “There are good waves, I had a lot of fun, I feel good. I’m always a little nervous before a first series and I had a good flow so it’s okay. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to surf in Martinique now that there is a women’s event at the MSP,” said Ella Williams.

The stress falls for the French: “The first round is always my biggest fear! I knew we had to wait for the good waves to master the series. The goal today was not to have 8 (out of 10) but to pass the series.” It’s done!


In the men’s competition, The Argentinian Santiago Muniz dominated his series with a total of 15.94 (out of twenty): “I am very happy, this is my third participation in Martinique Surf Pro and I am delighted to be here. It is a wonderful place, the waves are good and the water is hot! My ambition this year is to surf and feel good, to advance in the competition … and everything happens in its time! “ He is also used to participate at the MSP, Imaikalani Devault (Hawaii) got the best score of the day, almost perfect 9 out of ten that allowed him to win his series. “I managed to catch the biggest wave of my heat!”

The Brazilian contingent lost five of its surfers but Yuri Gonçalves, Lucas Vicente and Samuel Pupo joined the third round.

Success achieved for the Peruvians since 4 (out of 5) of them have shown on their heats: Joaquin Del Castillo, Tomas Tudela, Lucca Mesinas and Juninho Urcia.


For the French, Nelson Cloarec wins his series after a good duel with his compatriot Nomme Mignot, also qualified for the second round. “I wanted to get the lead because the scores were pretty tight so it was an obligation for me to take shelter.” The Guadeloupean Tim Bisso qualifies in the last minutes of his heat, after a long suspense. “It was not easy to find opportunities. It was tense until the end, but I pass!” He concluded. It was difficult also for Dimitri Ouvré from Saint Barthelemy who nevertheless managed to qualify: “The conditions were complicated, I was just trying not to lose the priority.”

A doubled for the Mignot brothers since Diego qualifies too, just like Tristan Guilbaud. The competition ends here for Paul Cesar Distinguin, Charly Quivront, the young Martinican Nicolas Chalonec and the Guadeloupeans Gatien Delahaye, Léo-Paul Étienne and Enzo Cavallini.


Next meeting

Tomorrow, call at 7:30am.

At 2pm, expression session with a contest of the best maneuvers.