Day 1 of the Martinique Surf Pro was held in good conditions and in front of a big amount of visitors. The first men’s round as well as most of the first women’s round could be launched. First qualifications … and first losses!


After a cloudy early morning or even slightly rainy, it was under a bright sun that took place this first day of Martinique Surf Pro 2018. The competition began at 8am with the first male and female sets. “The waves that we had today require technicality and also a good strategy because it’s a matter of choosing the waves to score the maximum points. Clearly, you have to know how to create your luck and seize opportunities!” Jason Apparicio, the competition director, explains.

Men being more numerous (128) than women (48), the competition began with the men’s and 16 rounds of the first round. The Japanese contingent held up well and Takuto Ohta, Daiki Tanaka and Taichi Wakita moved on to the second round.

Accustomed to Martinique Surf Pro, the Australian Luke Hynd wins his series: “It went well. This is not my first participation, I’ve been here several times, the conditions were good, I continue.” The only Irishman on the MSP, Gearoid McDaid, won the heat with a very good 12.33 (out of twenty).

On the french side, the harvest was good. Tristan Guilbaud and Charly Quivront won their heat. “It was a little bit complicated because there was less wave frequency and therefore fewer opportunities. It was therefore necessary to choose them carefully and exploit them to the maximum,” explains Charly. Tom Cloarec, Ugo Robin and Paul César Distinguin also qualified for the second round. Just like Dimitri Ouvré from Saint Barthelemy, and the Guadeloupeans Enzo Cavallini and Leo-Paul Étienne. The latter confides: “My patience has paid! My strategy was not to throw myself on all the waves at the risk of making small scores but rather to select those that allowed me to make a maximum of points”.

The two Martinicans present, Adam Auffay and Tom Sibon, have not managed to pass their playoffs.


On the women’s side, the American Meah Collins flew over her series and scored the highest score of the day, all categories combined: 14.30 (out of twenty). “The waves are very good and perfectly surfable,” she says.” This is my first time in Martinique and I am very happy. From the sea, I could hear the audience cheering and it was very encouraging. It is formidable that there is a women’s competition this year. In addition, the level of women’s surf has increased significantly in recent years so it’s well deserved!” Her compatriots Samantha Sibley and Rachel Presti are also qualified.

On the french women side, the young Neis Lartigue from Biarritz never gave up and succeeded to go back to the second place in front of the American and the Hawaiian, thanks to a wave which gave her 6.40 (out of ten). She qualifies for the second round: “I absolutely did not want to lose! In addition, my father lived 3 years in Martinique and he said ‘it’s my home here so you got to pass’! “

Japan will be represented in the second round by Emily Nishimoto who wins her series and Reika Noro.


Next “call”, tomorrow Sunday, March 18th, at 7:30am. The competition should start at 8am, with the last two series of the first women’s round.