Here we go again!

The 4th edition of Martinique Surf Pro will be held from March 17th to 24th, in Basse-Pointe (North-Atlantic coast of the island). This year again, the international competition will bring together the best surfers of the world.

Great novelty, the sporting challenge welcomes for the first time a women’s event! A major turning point for the Martinique Surf Pro which now offers two competitions: a men’s with 110 men, and a women’s with 50 women.

In all, 160 professional surfers from all over the world will come together to compete on the waves of Martinique.

A key step in the global calendar

Organized under the aegis of the World Surf League (WSL), professional international surfing league, Martinique Surf Pro is the first Caribbean stage of the world qualifying circuit, called Qualifying Series (QS).

The Martinican rendezvous is a milestone in the WSL calendar since the winner wins 3000 points.

An eco-event

Martinique Surf Pro is environmentally responsible at all levels of its organization. This results in concrete and demanding actions: choice of materials and furniture, sorting, promotion of carpooling, awareness of all those taking part in the event …

A multidimensional event

Martinique Surf Pro is not only a sporting event, it is also a multidimensional operation:

An artistic and musical program

Village crafts, sportswear swimsuits fashion shows, games and prizes to win, workshops, « air show » competitions …

The 2018 edition will offer an even richer entertainment program to continue to make Martinique Surf Pro a popular, family-friendly and open-access event for everyone!

Once again, the music will be at the heart of the event with an outdoor arts program, performances by local artists and DJs, and “after surfing” parties in the evening after the events.

The closing night, the Surf Pro Night Party, will be hosted by the group of women Djs called The Brunes Platines, and the DJs Maza and Payou in an electro-Caribbean atmosphere.

A cultural and heritage dimension

Martinique’s heritage will be showcased with bèlè dance performances and, most importantly, demonstrations of bwa flo, an ancestral “surf” of Martinique that involves riding the waves of the island on a tree trunk.

A high-impact competition


In addition to a very strong regional coverage, the images of the competition go around the world (Web, social networks, TV, radio, press). On the first three editions of Martinique Surf Pro, more than 150 million people (cumulative) were affected! The regional audience represents over 30% of the overall audience. An unprecedented media exposure for the event and the Martinican territory.


The event generates significant spinoffs for the municipality and Martinique, and contributes to the revitalization of the economic fabric of the North of the island. The organization is soliciting more than 100 local businesses each year to set up the event. Hundreds of sportsmen and visitors are accommodated in hotels or at the inhabitant, and all the trades (tradesmen, craftsmen, farmers, restorers) benefit from the coming of thousands of spectators.

A global spotlight, the competition is a leading tourism promotion tool for the Martinique destination and its nautical potential. The Martinique spots are thus more and more popular with amateurs coming from all over the world.

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