The third edition of the Martinique Surf Pro will take place in Basse-Pointe from the 1st of April to the 8th onwards. In six weeks, 128 of the world’s top surfers will be riding the great waves of the Pointe Sonn for an event that looks already promising. Indeed, in just two years, the competition has proved its worth and is attracting more and more well known professionals from all over the world.
The Martinique Surf Pro is getting ready for its third competition. Entries were opened last Friday and will stay open until March 7th. 128 surfers are expected, among the best riders in the world. After two successful editions, the event is proving to be attractive and the competitors jostle to take advantage of the long and powerful right-hand breaks (waves that break from left to right when surfing), offered by the spot of Basse-Pointe.


Organized in partnership with the World Surf League (the international professional surf league), the Martinique Surf Pro competition is the only Caribbean Qualifying Series (QS) in 2017, as last year. Remember that in this worldwide circuit, surfers try to win as many points as possible throughout the season. At the end of the year, the top ten of each QS are then allowed into the Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour (CT), which brings together the 34 best riders in the world. As the QS 3,000 Event, the Martinique Surf Pro is an intermediate competition. It represents the third step of the qualifying process, after QS 10, 000 and QS 6,000, and before QS 1,500 and QS 1,000. But more importantly it is the first important date of the season, during which participants meet and measure each other up. The winner of this competition in Martinique will win 3,000 points, which represents a nice bonus to take a real leap forward in the QS. By registering his name in the 2016 Martinique Surf Pro, the Portuguese Frederico Morais made his third biggest score of the season which enabled him to qualify for the CT last year.

Riders from all over the world

Thus for this year’s edition, we expect 128 surfers representing 20 to 25 nationalities. Many of the competitors come from Europe, North America and South America – including a large Brazilian contingent. Official representatives from the Caribbean, Asia, Africa and Oceania will also attend this amazing event. But beyond the number of participants, it is the quality of the spot that impresses most. The competition will be tough and points hard to nail down.

A guaranteed show

It seems impossible to try and guess the potential winner right now, so much the level looks homogeneous. At six weeks from the beginning of the competition, to establish the least prognosis is hazardous. Indeed, there are no obvious favorites this year. One thing is certain though : this Martinique Surf Pro will not lack suspense, nor sensation ! With eight days of trial, the organizers will have time to select the best surfing conditions for magic to happen.


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